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Establishing the foundation for your present and future cloud initiatives

Despite the unmistakable benefits of cloud computing, most organizations are still determining whether and how to apply it to their business. Red Hat Consulting helps organizations pursuing a path to cloud adoption navigate through the uncertainty and establish a solid foundation.

Our business and technical consulting services help customers demonstrate a prototype cloud infrastructure solution, develop a strategic roadmap for cloud adoption, deploy middleware solutions into the cloud, and establish a solid foundation for present and future cloud initiatives.

Cloud Pathway

The best first step in any cloud strategy is to ensure your infrastructure is ready and optimized for cloud computing. To help organizations move into a future of cloud computing and business agility, Red Hat offers its Cloud Pathway. This strategic service consists of a series of tailored consulting engagements that leverage open source expertise, product recommendations and best practices to:

  • explore cloud viability
  • develop a strategic road map for cloud adoption, and
  • establish a cloud platform to serve as the foundation for your present and future cloud computing initiatives.

Each Pathway begins with an assessment of your organization's business goals, the maturity of your IT infrastructure, an exploration of open standards, concepts and alternatives, and strategic recommendations for your organization to achieve its business goals. Upon completion of this phase, Red Hat will work closely with you to map out a comprehensive deployment strategy.

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Cloud Quickstart

The Red Hat's Cloud Quickstart equips your organization with the expertise, high-level support, and knowledge transfer to rapidly build, manage, and optimize a cloud solution tailored to your unique technology environment. An optimal introduction to cloud computing, the Cloud Quickstart leverages Red Hat's Cloud Reference Architecture to assess the viability of a cloud environment for customers enterprise.

During this short-term engagement, an experienced consultant will:

  • Demonstrate a prototype cloud infrastructure solution,
  • Install, setup, and configure Red Hat's set of integrated products, documentation and cloud reference architectures (to 10 servers)
  • Prepare IT staff to manage virtualization tasks independently after the engagement
  • Provide knowledge transfer and complete documentation

For customers ready to develop proof points of cloud viability, the Quickstart can be coupled with the option to migrate 1-2 workloads to the established test cloud to deliver a proof of concept.

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Middleware Cloud Services

Deploying JBoss Enterprise Middleware in the cloud provides a cost-effective solution for organizations developing applications, and seamlessly integrates them with existing heterogeneous environments and deploys them to a cloud infrastructure. Our middleware cloud services help organizations optimally deploy a JBoss Enterprise Middleware solution in the cloud. The engagement provides strategic recommendations and on-site technical expertise to set up middleware as a service in your cloud environment.

The engagement provides you with:

  • Strategic deployment recommendations, cloud provider evaluations, and implementation roadmap
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) custom setup
  • Cloud-based application implementation
  • Cloud security, monitoring and governance

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Red Hat Cloud

Red Hat Cloud provides everything you need to help you plan, build, and manage a private cloud. Through our comprehensive set of integrated products, reference architec-tures, consulting services, training, exceptional customer support, and the richest partner ecosystem anywhere, Red Hat makes cloud computing easy and safe.

Red Hat Cloud Foundations, Edition One is the first in a family of Cloud Foundations which give customers everything needed to build and manage a private cloud: a comprehensive set of integrated products, cookbooks and reference architectures giving step-by-step instructions, consulting services, and training, backed by Red Hat's exceptional customer support. We make Cloud easy and safe.

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