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Cloud Computing

Red Hat's product portfolio builds a better enterprise cloud.
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Cloud computing products

Realize all of the benefits of moving to an open hybrid cloud architecture with Red Hat's comprehensive portfolio of cloud management solutions.

OpenShift Enterprise

Deliver more apps, faster, with our award-winning, on-premise cloud computing PaaS.


Give users secure, governed self-service resources in a hybrid IaaS cloud.


Manage virtual infrastructures, transform IT, and rapidly evolve to cloud computing.

OpenStack preview

Build private and public clouds with a massively scalable cloud operating system.

A better cloud starts with the right products

A cloud isn't better just because a big-name vendor builds it. It's better because it solves business problems using your existing IT investments. Lets you move to the cloud at your own pace—without lock-in. And adapts when you need it to. A better cloud is open and hybrid, built on interoperable, scalable, and proven Red Hat® technologies.

Red Hat products work together to create better cloud solutions

Our robust cloud portfolio includes products like Red Hat Storage Server, OpenShift Enterprise—Red Hat's Platform-as-a-Service product—and our Hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service Solution, which consists of Red Hat CloudForms, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and ManageIQ.

Our Hybrid IaaS Solution uses 3 Red Hat technologies

  • CloudForms lets you manage, broker, and aggregate capacity across various virtualization and cloud providers, and manage applications across hybrid clouds.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization is a comprehensive virtualization management product—a high-performance, secure, and cost-effective virtualization substrate on which to build cloud environments.
  • ManageIQ provides operational management tools like monitoring, chargeback, governance, and orchestration across virtual and cloud infrastructures.

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