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Build and manage open hybrid clouds the right way

Your enterprise users want self-service resources. But IT needs to ensure that the consumption of those resources is secured and governed. With Red Hat® CloudForms, you get the best of both.

Give users self-service in a governed, secure way

CloudForms lets you create and manage Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hybrid clouds that make self-service computing resources available to users in a managed, governed, and secure way. With this open hybrid cloud management framework, you can build a hybrid cloud that encompasses your entire infrastructure and manage your cloud applications without vendor lock-in.

CloudForms benefits

Comprehensive application life cycle management

You retain the ability to control and govern application portfolios while delivering agility to meet business needs. You can model the classes and progression of workloads across development, testing, and production phases.

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Ability to use your existing infrastructure

Use multiple platforms and public cloud resources together to build the cloud your business needs. By using multiple resources and combining them into the same cloud pool, you reduce cost and risk, and extend the benefits of the cloud to a larger portion of your IT resources.

Portability across hybrid environments

Save time by configuring and managing complex multitier applications without having to independently manage large numbers of virtual servers.

Governed self-service

CloudForms provides a GUI with role-based access control to an application catalog built by administrators. It lets you create a robust set of policies defining which applications can run, how they should be optimized, and who can access them.