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OpenShift Enterprise

Break down IT productivity barriers with a Platform-as-a-Service

In the effort to deliver more applications faster, many IT organizations are met by chronic productivity roadblocks. Red Hat believes the path to better IT efficiency and innovation lies in the cloud—via OpenShift Enterprise, Red Hat's award-winning, on-premise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Increase IT productivity and efficiency with a PaaS cloud by Red Hat

OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat® alleviates barriers to IT productivity by:

  • Letting developers focus on what they care about most—application code—to speed application development.
  • Automating IT processes to streamline IT service delivery.
  • Enabling you to use your infrastructure more efficiently across development, test, and production environments.

OpenShift Enterprise benefits

Choose what works best for your developers

OpenShift Enterprise gives developers more choice—of interfaces, languages, frameworks, services, clouds, elasticity, and infrastructure. It also offers multiple interaction models, which let developers use a rich set of command-line tools, a powerful multidevice web console, or an Eclipse-based IDE like JBoss® Developer Studio.

Auto-scale to meet changing demands

Scale applications automatically to handle increased traffic and demand on your applications. Through OpenShift Enterprise, you can deploy an application with scaling either enabled or disabled. If you deploy your application with scaling disabled, what you deploy is what you'll have, whether it's in 1 gear or several.

Avoid lock-in with application portability

Built with standard language and middleware runtimes, any application written on OpenShift Enterprise can easily be moved to another environment that supports the same languages, which prevents lock-in.

Exploit the benefits of open source

Built on fully open source technologies, you control your particular implementation. You aren't restricted to the technology and business roadmap of a specific vendor—so you have visibility into the technology on which you're basing your business. And open source offers another benefit: the ability to collaborate with other communities and companies to drive innovation in areas that are important to you.

Build a stronger cloud on rock-solid technologies

OpenShift Enterprise is built on proven, reliable Red Hat technologies, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux®—trusted by thousands of organizations on millions of systems around the world for mission-critical workloads—and JBoss Enterprise Middleware.

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Private or public PaaS?

Why not both? The OpenShift platform is available in 2 different consumption models from Red Hat:

Private PaaS

OpenShift Enterprise takes the same open source PaaS platform that powers the OpenShift Online hosted service and packages it for customers who want an on-premise or private cloud deployment.

  • A private PaaS that you control and manage within the constraints of your enterprise standards
  • Increased developer productivity, streamlined application service delivery, and an elastic, on-demand cloud platform

Public PaaS

OpenShift Online is Red Hat's hosted public PaaS service, available for free in developer preview mode.

  • Runs in the public cloud
  • Free sign-up: Available for developers to check out all the great features and capabilities, and start coding and running applications on OpenShift Online today

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And the winner is—OpenShift

OpenShift by Red Hat has been awarded Best Platform-as-a-Service category at the Cloud Awards!