Red Hat Migration Center

Migrating to a different platform or application requires careful consideration. Whether you're considering a middleware migration or a new platform, the Red Hat Migration Center helps you quickly see what changes are possible.

Medium and Large Enterprise Business

From the desktop to the data center, the security, stability, and reliability of tested Red Hat enterprise solutions delivers unbeatable value to medium and large enterprise businesses


Red Hat solutions have been embraced across a wide variety of industries and sectors. Customers can count on Red Hat expertise and support at every step from deployment to development to implementation and management.

Business needs

Red Hat solutions address critical business needs to deliver the results today's business leaders are looking for. Value. Performance. Security. And reliability.

Success stories

Real customers describe how Red Hat solutions deliver real success.

"Red Hat is almost like water, it's pervasive within our architecture. Red Hat is extremely strategic and without it, most of our computers wouldn't be running,"
- Steve Rubinow, CIO, NYSE Euronext

Red Hat enterprise solutions

  • Cloud Computing
    A web-scale virtual computing environment that provides everything needed to develop and host applications: compute capacity, bandwidth, storage, and enterprise support.
  • Datacenter
    A turnkey platform with everything needed to implement a datacenter. Or migrate an existing one to open source.
  • Database Availability
    A platform enabling existing databases to deliver all the reliability of a conventional clustered database, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Red Hat Enterprise MRG
    A next-generation IT infrastructure that makes enterprise computing 100-fold faster, defines new levels of interoperability and gives customers competitive advantage by running applications and transactions with greater performance and reliability.
  • High Performance Computing and Grid
    For organizations that support engineers, researchers, financial analysts, and others who need to solve difficult computational problems quickly.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
    The leader in open source software, Red Hat has expanded choice and removed barriers to adoption with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization which allows a single server to run multiple server or desktop operating systems.
  • Java Applications
    In today's dynamic business world, the need to quickly and easily adapt to market change has never been more important. Each business challenge is different and every IT solution requires a flexible feature set to match business demand now, without sacrificing enterprise performance. The JBoss Open Choice product strategy was created with exactly these concepts in mind.
  • SOA Resource Center
    Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can be daunting, especially with vendors promoting a new architectural model with the same tired, expensive proprietary extensions and closed source code that focus on customer lock-in instead of customer value. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can enable great agility, productivity and cost savings, but not if it's implemented with complex, closed and expensive enterprise platforms. We think there is a better way. We think that SOA should be Simple, Open and Affordable.