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Build a better cloud

Red Hat open hybrid cloud solutions

Get cloud right the first time

Choosing a cloud strategy is the most important IT decision you'll make this decade. Get it right, and you solve IT issues now while positioning your enterprise for future innovation. Get it wrong, and you risk being held back by an expensive cloud solution. Or worse, it could add complexity and workload management issues—the very things you want cloud to solve.

Red Hat® offers what no one else can: an open hybrid cloud solution. A better way to build your enterprise cloud—with real choice, flexibility, interoperability, and portability—that only the open source leader can deliver.

Hybrid IaaS

Easily build and manage an open hybrid cloud spanning private and public resources.

Enterprise PaaS

Drive developer productivity. Speed app development, deployment, and management.

Cloud with Virtualization

Virtualize and move to the cloud in 1 step to speed deployments and cut costs.

Public cloud

Ensure a safe, scalable, supported, and consistent environment for enterprise cloud deployments.

Guide to building
open hybrid clouds

Get practical, step-by-step guides on how to build private and hybrid clouds with enterprise IaaS and PaaS capabilities using Red Hat open hybrid solutions.

Why Red Hat cloud?

An open hybrid cloud with Red Hat is the only way to build and manage a truly open and flexible cloud—your way. No vendor lock-in. No barriers to future innovation.