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Red Hat Cloud with Virtualization Bundle

A simple path to the cloud

Cloud computing is a hot topic. But no one moves their critical data based on what's popular today. Your move to the cloud should positively impact your company's ability to innovate, save time, and become agile—far into the future. We've found a way to get you there faster by bundling Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization with the industry's only open hybrid cloud management platform: Red Hat CloudForms.

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Cloud + virtualization = less time and cost

By moving to virtualization and the cloud simultaneously, you speed project-completion timelines, reduce project hours, and—with Red Hat—lower your total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Virtualize and move to the cloud in 1 step. On-ramp to the cloud quickly and easily, avoiding the virtualize-first, then-cloud mentality.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux® portability. Easily move Red Hat Enterprise Linux workloads between different infrastructure providers (e.g., multiple virtualization platforms).
  • Open hybrid cloud with control. Deliver resources from virtual to public cloud with policy-governed, self-service access.
  • High performance. Benefit from top virtualization benchmarks for performance and scalability.
  • Easy to buy. Purchase only 1 SKU for all Red Hat software, priced per guest, with the option to easily add on-demand hours with Red Hat Certified Public Cloud Providers.


Everything you need to build and manage a cloud

The Red Hat Cloud with Virtualization Bundle includes all of the software you need to build and manage a cloud—from virtualization management to cloud orchestration. Beyond virtual machine management, it includes system management, like application life cycle management. And end users get self-service capabilities, while IT administrators maintain control and governance.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

  • Benefit from top benchmarks for performance and scalability.
  • Use the only enterprise-ready open source virtualization solution.
  • Lower your total cost of ownership.

Red Hat Cloudforms

  • Build and manage open hybrid clouds (multiple virtualization technologies, public cloud).
  • Manage application life cycles with application blueprints.
  • Control self-service access with policies and role-based rules.

Webinar Series: Building your Enterprise Open Hybrid Cloud

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