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Red Hat
Hybrid IaaS Solution

Building a hybrid cloud doesn't have to be complicated

You've heard about cloud computing and its promised benefits. But you're worried about the complexity of putting together a self-service, hybrid cloud that spans resources in your datacenter and those rented from public cloud providers. You want a simple, all-inclusive solution that's easy to deploy and control.

Red Hat® Hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Solution makes it easier to build a hybrid cloud.

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Why Choose Red Hat Hybrid IaaS Solution?

Cloud in an open box

An easy-to-build, easy-to-manage hybrid cloud solution built on open source software.

More control, less complexity

  • Easy to deploy: An integrated, tested solution lets you create a hybrid cloud spanning private cloud and public cloud resources.
  • Easy to control: Policy-based usage lets you control what apps can be run, where they can run, and who can use them.
  • Easy to use: IT-governed, self-service portal speeds new application deployments.
  • Easy to buy: Only 1 SKU to purchase that's priced per guest and comes with the option of adding on-demand hours with Red Hat Certified Public Cloud Providers.

No lock-in

Modular component design lets you use Red Hat's included infrastructure management tools or those of another vendor.


What Red Hat Hybrid IaaS Solution Includes

  • High-performance, secure operating system for guests
  • Enterprise-ready virtualization platform based on the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)
  • Hybrid cloud management framework that includes cloud orchestration tools, a governed self-service portal, and system and application management tools
  • Option to add on-demand hours with Red Hat Certified Public Cloud Providers

Webinar Series: Building your Enterprise Open Hybrid Cloud

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