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Red Hat is the clearest path to an open hybrid cloud

Get more out of your cloud

When transforming your IT infrastructure to an enterprise cloud, you have 3 main choices: Start new, build silos, or build an open hybrid cloud. Our recommendation: Only an open hybrid cloud delivers on the full promise of cloud computing.

But not all "open" solutions are created equal. And just because a vendor is good at virtualization doesn't mean it's good at cloud. Don't take chances with a choice that will determine your organization's flexibility, competitiveness, and IT economics for the next 10 years. Rely on Red Hat, the open source experts, to build your open hybrid cloud.

Benefits of an open hybrid cloud

  • Lets you gradually move to the cloud, delivering incremental IT value each step of the way
  • Uses existing IT investments and doesn't create new silos
  • Keeps you firmly in control of your technology strategy
  • Spans physical servers, multiple virtualization platforms, and the broadest choice of public clouds
  • Provides life cycle management of your applications across heterogeneous infrastructures
  • Makes your applications and data portable across clouds—both on-premise and off-premise


Open cloud vs closed cloud

Some of the largest clouds run on Red Hat

Our approach to building clouds follows the same principles that made Linux® the standard for server operating systems: the use of open standards, interoperability, portability, choice, and the proven experience that's the backbone of some of the world's largest clouds.

Why Red Hat?

  • We're the open source leader. 80% of today's most-used clouds are built on Linux technology.
  • You control your enterprise architecture due to open standards, open APIs, and open source.
  • Use your existing infrastructure and IT investments.
  • Avoid adding more segregated systems that don't talk to each other, which further complicates infrastructure management.
  • You're not limited by one vendor's strategy, roadmap, or economic model. You can always access innovative pricing, new technology, or other offerings in the marketplace.
  • Access the richest cloud ecosystem anywhere, from a range of Certified Public Cloud Providers to hardware vendors and ISVs.
  • Our complete stack of cloud technologies is open, best-in-class, and can build the most interoperable, portable, and secure cloud for your enterprise—beyond virtualization and regardless of the virtualization product you choose to use.
  • Our suite of cloud services and training helps you seamlessly evolve your infrastructure to an open hybrid cloud.

IT Architects:

Learn the benefits of choosing an open and hybrid architecture and get the checklist of the 7 key properties of an open hybrid cloud in our free whitepaper

Maximize your strategic flexibility by building an open, hybrid cloud (pdf)

IT Managers:

Find out why it's so important for enterprise clouds to be built with open and hybrid in mind, featuring analyst insights from Gartner.

Why enterprise clouds should be built with open and hybrid in mind

Recognition of Innovation

Forbes ranked Red Hat 4th on its "World's Most Innovative Companies" list, an honor we take seriously. Innovation drives our cloud solutions. A Red Hat open hybrid cloud is the only way to build and manage a truly open, flexible cloud that solves problems today and positions you for future innovation.

Red Hat IT builds its
cloud on Red Hat

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