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OpenShift Enterprise
by Red Hat

Develop apps faster in the cloud

Increasing business demands are straining IT resources. The resulting decline in developer productivity is slowing the time to market for new services. So how do you equip IT to keep pace? Exploit the agility and efficiency of the cloud with OpenShift Enterprise, Red Hat's on-premise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

PaaS is revolutionizing enterprise application development

The PaaS cloud service model gives developers more agility and flexibility than ever. Using this preconfigured, auto-scaling, self-managing application platform in the cloud lets developers easily develop, deploy, and run their applications. Infrastructure resources are used more efficiently. Innovation thrives. And applications go to market faster—all while cutting costs.

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OpenShift Enterprise is PaaS from Red Hat

OpenShift Enterprise is an award-winning, comprehensive enterprise development platform for the cloud era. It provides everything you need to develop and execute enterprise applications—delivered in your choice of private or public cloud.

Why OpenShift Enterprise?

  • Easy: OpenShift Enterprise gives developers the tools they need and lets them work the way they want to work.
  • Trusted: OpenShift Enterprise is built on a proven stack of Red Hat technologies, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and JBoss® Enterprise Middleware.
  • Open: OpenShift Enterprise is open source and built on all open source technologies.


OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat

OpenShift options for PaaS

Choose your OpenShift consumption model:

  • OpenShift Online: PaaS offered in the public cloud, available today in developer preview. Great for getting started with PaaS.
  • OpenShift Enterprise: PaaS for on-premise or private cloud implementations. All the benefits of OpenShift Online, but running in your own datacenter or private cloud.


OpenShift Enterprise application platform stack

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