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Supporting Customers the Red Hat Way

Red Hat recognizes that IT Managers need more than just software or support to be cost efficient and in control of their IT infrastructure. An infrastructure based on Red Hat open source solutions will not only meet customer application needs today, but will be an ideal platform well into the future.

In addition to high quality software and tools, a Red Hat subscription includes access to knowledge and technical expertise. All of these features of a Red Hat Subscription help Red Hat customers to architect, manage and operate a much more efficient, high performing, scalable and secure infrastructure.

A Red Hat Subscription

It's more than just software and support

A Red Hat subscription allows customers to leverage Red Hat's unique position in the open source development community and our strong industry relationships. Through these relationships, Red Hat combines industry and community innovation with Red Hat platform products aligning customer and partner road maps. This enables customers to deploy the more manageable and lower cost IT infrastructure that is demanded of them. Therefore all Red Hat subscriptions:

  • Deliver the latest enterprise software, including security and bug fixes and enhancements for any supported version
  • Maximize ROI by incorporating new features without compromising the stability of APIs and ABIs
  • Provide up to 10 years support and maintenance for any release *
  • Enable supported solutions as a direct result of Red Hat's vendor relationships leading to certifications for hardware and software
  • Give the customer the ability to influence technology and industry innovation through Red Hat's unique open source community contributions and partner ecosystem - we listen to our customers!
  • Entitle in the Red Hat Open Source Assurance program which helps to safeguard customers developing and deploying open source solutions from legal harm.

Red Hat Support

Included with your subscription

With a Red Hat subscription, you have access to an around-the-clock global network of the most experienced, motivated, and knowledgeable Linux and Middleware support engineers. This expertise can virtually extend your in-house expertise and deploy with confidence.

"These are the best open source engineers in the industry, ...that's what the customer is paying for; this is brain power..."

- Summer Maynard
Senior Manager, Technical Support

With a Red Hat subscription you are entitled for Production Support*

  • Unlimited incidents
  • Available 24x7 around the world
  • Not limited to issue resolution, we're here to help you avoiding issues from the start
  • Unmatched technical expertise of our engineers
  • Extended relationship with partners
  • Rich content guiding you through planning, deployment and operating your IT

Optional Support Programs are available for Technical Account Management and Developer support.

* product life cycle and support provided depends on purchased subscription product

Red Hat Customer Portal

Your subscription benefits in one place

Get started - Red Hat Customer Portal

Red Hat is always working to improve the Red Hat customer experience. The Customer Portal provides one central area for you to manage and maintain your subscription, access the knowledge made available to you, engage with Red Hat and our partners, and learn how to use Red Hat solutions most effectively. As a subscriber, you gain access to:

  • Integrated experience in locating and consuming available knowledge and engaging with Red Hat
  • Thorough, integrated search across all resources available
  • Rich content supporting you in planning, deploying and operating your IT
  • Subscription management
  • Support ticketing and reporting
  • Software downloads

"...delivery of our new customer support portal is another step forward in driving value for our customers through our subscription model. We believe in empowering customers with useful knowledge and tools to enhance and grow their Red Hat deployments."

- Marco Bill-Peter
Vice President, Global Support Services